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NFT Ocean

NFT Ocean

> About The Project

NFT Ocean system is a decentralized NFT market developed based on Ethereum. it uses ChatGPT API to generate prompts and generate an NFT, it's all-in-one

NFT Ocean draws lessons from rarible smart contract to realize fee free offline signature and help users reduce fee consumption while trading NFT.

NFT Ocean can be deployed on popular public chains such as Ethereum, BSC, HECO and Polygon. Developed in popular Java and Vue3.0 languages, combined with the current popular back-end technology spring boot back-end framework and the mainstream front-end framework Vue3, the mobile terminal adopts responsive technology to realize the front-end and back-end separation technology, which is the best choice for the technical team to developing the NFT market.

NFT Ocean has the characteristics of mainstream technology, low price and loose authorization.

The NFT Ocean system supports DAPP browsers of major wallets and is compatible with the world's mainstream NFT trading markets opensea and rarible.

NFTs created on NFT Ocean can be sold on mainstream platforms such as opensea. At the same time, NFTs of other platforms can also be sold on NFT Ocean system.

> Built With


  • react
  • redux
  • storybook
  • tailwindcss
  • mui
    Material UI
  • typescript


  • firebase
  • nodejs

--smart contract

  • solidity
  • ethers
  • hardhat
  • thirdweb
  • moralis


  • The platform hosts the offline signature of users, which is safe and saves transaction fees.
  • uses web3auth and firebase to store off-chain data (user profiles...)
  • uses IPFS to store NFTs' metadata
  • Support PC terminal, mobile terminal and DAPP browser of main chain wallet.
  • Create your own NFT (including ERC721 and ERC1155); And create your own NFT favorites (including ERC721 and ERC1155 contracts).
  • Video and picture resources are linked and can be saved permanently.
  • The seller sells and the buyer bids, and the selling and bidding are free of handling charges. They are only put on the chain when the transaction is in progress.
  • uses Lazy minting provided by Thirdweb
  • For NFT auction, set the minimum acceptance price and dividend proportion. If the participants in the auction fail to get the auction, they will receive dividends in proportion to the transaction amount.
  • Make the blind box. After the blind box is configured in the background, it can be sold on the platform.
  • Pledge: it supports LP pledge, pool pledge and NFT pledge, and is compatible with the DeFi activities of the main chain in the market.
  • GameFiļ¼štraditional game assets are linked, the platform is authorized to log in, recharge and withdraw the player's tokens on the platform.
  • Metauniverse: metauniverse blockchain module, which provides NFT API query and transaction.
  • Support multi language switching.

Open source version

The free and open source NFT market supports ERC721 creation and trading (including sellers selling + bidding). After creating NFT, the picture will be automatically uploaded to the IPFS node for permanent storage. It can be connected to the metamask wallet for online signature.

PS: We are currently making the new smart contract compatible with the AI Art Generator, so only the Frontend is available for now

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