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A few handcrafted articles about my thoughts and experiments.

cryptocurrency illustration

How To Build A Simple Cryptocurrency Blockchain In Node.js

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a simple cryptocurrency, called smashingCoin , using the concepts of JavaScript classes and Node.js.
Published on
team performance

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Team Performance Immediately

Teams can't succeed if they don't know what success looks like. Your team members should understand their goals and roles, as well as how they' ...
Published on
psychology illustration

Psychology of colors, and its impact on Web design

By using colors strategically, web developers can create websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and effective.
Published on
computer-vision illustration

Computer Vision: An Introduction

Computer vision is a field of study that focuses on enabling computers to interpret, analyze, and understand visual data from the world around us.
Published on
web3 and a sustainable world thumbnail

Web3 and the way toward a more sustainable world

Here we highlight some of the emerging opportunities in today's Web3 ecosystem and reflect on their importance to our digital future.
Published on
full stack dev photo

The Complete Guide To Full-Stack Web3 Development

Many companies want to build a website but don’t know where to start or what they need in order to get their site up and running.
Published on
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