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Web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web which incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics.

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Account Abstraction EIP-4337: The Web3 Game Changer

Explore Account Abstraction EIP 4337, a game-changing proposal for Ethereum. Learn its details, contributors, and implications. Take our quiz and join EIP.
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What Are AI NFTs: The Beginner's Guide

What happens when you combine NFTs with another rapidly evolving technology like artificial intelligence (AI)? Read on to find out!
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How to audit smart contracts

Discover the best practices and tools to audit smart contracts for vulnerabilities and ensure their security and functionality in this informative blog.
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react query

NEVER fetch data without React Query anymore!

This guide will cover why React Query is an excellent tool to take your code to the next level when building full-stack applications.
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zk rollups

What are ZK-Rollups?

ZK-Rollups = faster, cheaper, and more efficient blockchain transactions. Game changer!
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Buy ENS Domain – Where to Buy ETH Domains

A technical overview of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains, including their architecture, registration, and resolution process. Visual aids are included for better understanding.
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What is the Sepolia Testnet?

the article provides a short tutorial for acquiring Sepolia testnet ETH, which developers use to pay for transactions on the network. Next up, we will compare Sepolia to other networks.
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react cryptocurrency templates

[2023] Top 7 Best React CryptoCurrency Templates

Now that we all are entering the realm of Web3, Many of us as React developers find themselves looking for React CryptoCurrency Templates. This blog is all about that.
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Building A Web App With Headless CMS And React

Building a web app with Headless CMS and React can provide a number of benefits, including faster development times, easy content management, scalability, and a better user experience.
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